Send in your Shocker NXT SFT Bolt for Spring Modding

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This item is to have us spring mod your shocker SFT or NXT bolt. NOT A NEW BOLT!!!

This is just to mod the bolt. No spring.
If you need a spring we also have those.

You would send in just your bolt. No other parts

Once your order comes is we will email you the address to send your bolt to.

Expect a 1-2 day turn around from when we get your bolt in.


Mod Features

  • Helps with First Shot Drop Off (FSDO)
  • Lower Settings
  • More Reliable
  • Great in Cold weather
  • Lighter Bolt
  • Higher Feet Per Second
  • Quiter (from reg pressure drop)
  • Less Kick (from lower operating pressure)
  • More Efficient (from lower dwell settings)