Anodizing Info



This is a information section to have your parts anodized. We will send you a invoice to pay once we go over your needs. Please read the below.


How it works.

The below link is our facebook pictures. It is very very important that you look at our past anno work and make sure what we do is something you like.


So click on this link -


If you like our work then email the below info. Or email us if you have any other questions if your not ready.


We will need

  • The gun you have

  • Any extra parts? (This means anything extra besides the gun, one trigger and 1-2 barrel parts)

  • Are we taking the gun apart or you? (Cost to take your gun apart is around $80-120)

  • Colors you want your gun. A picture and any changes to its color would be best. If its not complex then just list the colors.

  • If your in the USA or not


That's really it. Expect some back and forth to go over things. If your request is pretty direct or basic we will get you a quote in one email. In the end we will get you a total. If that works we can make a item on this site, send you our paypal info or email you paypal invoice to pay.


Pack up your parts or complete gun and send it in!

We recommend putting your parts in its case or wrapped up good in a usps priority mail flat rate medium or large box. But please send your stuff in a box packed well. Yes we have seen damage from bad packing...Most gun cases will fit perfect in the longer version of the usps flat rate medium box.


If we have questions during this process we will email you.

You will get a picture of your gun and tracking emailed to you the day it is done. Turn around is normally less than a week. If it’s not busy 1-2 day turn around is common.

We also will post up your guns picture/video on IG and facebook. This will help you if you ever sell the gun and it grows our portfolio.


In the end always expect to get your own custom creation. Never a copy of another gun. All our work is freehand. Never a graphic print.



Frequently asked anno questions below

Anno costs - (for a normal gun , CS3 as a example) Single color starts around $250. Custom starts at $340 and go can go up depending on how complex the colors need to be and the amount of parts you have in total. This is for a complete paintball gun with one trigger and 2 barrel parts. Extra parts are normally around $20 per part.


How do I keep my place in line?

Your payment date is how we keep your gun in the line. If you need to pay when it’s done just let us know. But our turn around is fast.


-I really don't know what I want to do to my gun. Do you guys have sample pictures I can see.

Yes, our Facebook page has almost every single Anno job we have ever done. Even your gun will be posted on our Facebook page once it's done. This is a a good place to go and see what we have done and get color ideas. We do have a Instagram account but it didn't start as early as Facebook. So Facebook will have far more pictures.


- Can you anno all parts

No, We can not anodize steel, chrome, titanium or plastic parts. Only Aluminum parts can be anodized


- Can I just send you guys a gun and you make a custom that you think would look good?

Sure, but Anno is a thing that you should like. But if you really don't care and want something wild we can work our magic. Giving us creative freedom with some color input from you can be a good thing. Some of our best work is when we can do what we think will turn look best.


- I have a dust finish gun, can you make it gloss

Yes, we can polish your dust gun gloss or polish your gloss gun again to remove non deep marks. This cost is based on the parts you have. We must see the finish and condition of every part to get you a polishing total. All our polishing work is done in house and not outsourced like some anno shops. We know when to stop polishing and take our time to make surer your parts look better then new. Polishing can only remove so much damage. Deep scratches or dents must be block sanded down then polished. Deep damage work we turn down based on our work flow at the time.


- Can you turn my gloss gun to dust?

Yes, we can glass blast your gun to make it dust. Pricing is based on the amount of parts you need done. We use a very fine glass bead. So your finish will look in most cases better then the factory dust finish.


- Do you do single small run parts

The only way we can custom anno small amounts of parts is if we add them to another gun we are doing. So you will be subject to those colors. But we actually do this allot for people who are not picky about the colors.


-Will my gun loose metal from the Anno process.

Our Anno process we watch very closely. We watch very closely the Anno strip times and other processes that might make your gun loose metal. 


- Do we offer color matching

No. Without knowing the brand of dye, Anno times, Anno temps and other processes the Anno shop that originally colored your parts used, we will not be able to get the same color.


- Do you copy other guns

No, but you can give us the colors you want and we can make your own custom gun. We can use a picture for reference. But always expect our version of it.


- Turn around time

1 week or less is typical. It could be more or less. Best to ask when your ready to send your gun in and we will let you know then.


- What you would send in

Just the metal parts. No grips, screws, plastics, stickers. Anything. Just the parts that need color. Or we can take your gun apart for a cost. Email us your info.


- Can I keep my same color and you add new colors on top?

No, all Anno must be removed to add new color.


- Is Anodizing paint

No, it's a process that opens up the pores of the metal and we add color to those pores. Then close the pores and you have permanent color that won't come out.


- Poocasso, can you match another poocasso you have done

No, we can use the same colors from that gun you like, but never expect a poocasso to come out like another poocasso. It can be lighter or darker. Think of it as art work. You want your own piece or art anyways. No 2 poocasso guns will ever look the same


- I am worried that the poocasso anno I want won't look like the gun I see and like on your Facebook

Then please don't go for the poocasso base. Splash, sponge, fades and the single colors we can time and get the correct color for you. Poocasso is all done by hand and the we never guaranty it will look like something we have done in the past


- Can I buy a new already custom anodized gun?

Yes. We don't make custom guns for inventory anymore. But we do stock factory guns that are ready for custom Anno. That means you would order the custom gun on the site and we would have a brand new gun custom anodized in the colors you want. This is a great option that only we offer. It will have you around $200 in the long run to buy a custom Pooty gun from us. 


- What type of guns can I buy new?

Any gun. If we don't have the option to buy the gun on the site then email and we can get you a quote. It will always be less then buying a new gun and paying for custom Anno after the fact.

- I see little silver marks on the inside of some of my parts that have anodized.

Yes, every part must be racked and connected to a power supply. So each part will have a contact point and that contact point will not have any color. It will be anodized, just won't have color. It’s very small

- I want a white color

This is a fake color that gun manufacturers have made up.

There is no such thing as white Anno. White Anno is a confusing term that is used for silver or clear Anno. What white- silver and clear really is, is no color. It's simply the silver metal that has been sealed and no color/dye has been added.