Send in your Macdev Clone bolt and valve for spring modding / with spring

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This item is to have us mod your Clone Bolt and valve. !! --   NOT NEW PARTS  --- !!!

You would send in just your bolt and valve.

Once your order comes is we will email you the address to send your bolt to.

Expect a 1-2 day turn around from when we get your bolt in.

How this works

  • You would send in your Bolt and Valve.  --Pictures of these parts are in the main picture
  • Your Bolt will be machine to hold the new spring. You will get a new Pooty spring shipped back with your parts
  • Your Valve will also need to be machined to make room for the new spring
  • You would then be shipped back your modded Bolt, Valve and a new spring
  • Simply drop the spring over your bolt guide and install your parts like you normally do
  • Adjust the Dwell down 8-9 ms on your Clones board
  • All done


Please note that some Clones can use a lower dwell then others. The best working dwell setting for this mod seems to be around 8 ms

If you do go lower then a 8ms of dwell time you should watch for a drop in fps or drop off during rapid fire. 8ms to 9ms is what we found works the best with the spring installed

Link to the demo video and a dwell drop instructional (A MUST WATCH) =


  • Much lower dwell settings
  • Better efficiency
  • Higher Feet Per Second
  • No first shot drop off
  • More consistent feet per second with lower settings
  • Better in cold weather