Info for ordering a New Custom Anodized Pooty Gun

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This info is ONLY for new paintball guns that we sell. Used paintball gun anodizing info is under the - "Custom Anodizing" category.

This is not a item. This link in only for details on purchasing a new custom paintball gun from us. With so many paintball guns on the market and new versions coming out all the time we thought this would be the best way to get you the info you need. We also need to approve the colors you want before we approve your new gun order.


Buying a new custom anodized paintball gun will save you time and money. We charge $300 - $500 for custom anno on a used gun. If you buy a new gun from us we only add around $100-$150 to the total. How can we do this? We make money off your gun sale. So in turn we forward that savings over to you. In the end we make the same amount of money if you buy a gun from us or send in your gun. This means you save hundreds right away. Not to mention the time and cost in sending in your gun for color.

What we do and how this works -

We at Pooty Paintball don’t stock any paintball guns. We do this to make sure you get the most updated and new version of a gun your looking to buy. We order your gun the day your order is made and it comes direct from the factory or our local distribution warehouse. We can also add parts like barrels and triggers to your custom gun. This is a popular option since your gun will be in its own custom color and other parts added down the road wont match its color. In most cases pricing is only $20 per extra part for custom anodizing. Most custom new anodized paintball guns will only be $150-$200 over MSRP.

The steps to ordering your custom anodized new gun from us

  • Click on our facebook picture link below. Every custom paintball gun we have made is posted on our facebook page.

  • Click Here
  • Save a picture of the gun you would like to use as a design reference for your gun.

  • Email the below info to

Below is a template you can copy and paste to a email to make things go smooth

  • Your name -

  • Your location -

  • Gun your looking to buy –

  • Any extra parts needed –

  • Is a picture of what your looking to reference attached to this email-

  • If not, please list the general design layout and colors –

Please be aware that all our work is done by hand. You will never get a copy of another gun. We use pictures for design and color reference. Expect to get your own custom hand anodized piece of art.

Let us know what gun your looking to buy and if you need any extra parts to be added to your gun. You can also send in your own parts if you need them colored with your gun

Pricing will normally be around $150-$200 over MSRP for a new custom anodized gun. This means we will take it apart, custom anodize it, put it back together, test it and ship it out Priority mail insured with a signature required.

Custom guns will take around 1-2 weeks to ship once your order is placed. 

Once we get the above info from you we will let you know your cost and if we can do the colors you want. We would then send you our paypal address for payment, send you a invoice to pay or make a item on the site just for you. The site and paypal takes all types of payment,


If you are not in the USA we will get you a shipping quote

There is no refunds for custom ordered guns once your order is paid for

We also can not change your guns color once your order has been placed

Once we get the above we will get back to you the same day with your cost. If that works we will then make a folder for you and get your gun ready for custom anno!

Once your gun is out of anno you will get a email from us stating your gun is done, picture posted on facebook and your tracking number. All new guns ship out USPS priority mail insured with a signature required.