The Pooty Ego / Etek Bolt

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The long awaited and all new Flat Face Pooty Ego / Etek bolt. This bolt works with all Ego's and Etek guns. It does not work with the LV1 and Etek5 guns

LV1 and Etek5 users, Please do a search for "Pooty LV1 bolt". These are also in stock

We have had a very high demand for a Pooty Flat face bolt for the Ego / Etek platform. 

This bolt has been in testing for some time. Many updates have been made up until this point.

This item is for the bolt. You will be using your stock pull pin, spring and plunger.

One of the last updates was the use of a more advanced Delrin AF Blend material. This combination produces a material that has strength, toughness,

dimensional stability and improved wear characteristics over unfilled Delrin that all poppet bolts are made out of.

Please go to our Pooty Paintball youtube channel for a shooting demo!


  • Pooty bolt
  • 3 extra size 15 orings


  • Shoot the most fragile paint
  • Delrin AF Blend Material
  • Faster eye readings
  • Higher Feet per second
  • Lower HPR settings
  • Lower LPR settings
  • Quieter shooting gun
  • No air and less sound coming back at your face
  • less breach marks
  • Lighter moving mass for higher Shot Per Second
  • High end bolt materials
  • Less bolt breach marking and drag
  • Future pooty insert upgradability

Bolt Details:

  • Advanced Delrin AF Blend material
  • Flat face extreme High flow bolt face (first of its kind)
  • Long ramped internal insert for better air flow with oring sealing for no internal blow back
  • Valve and breach sealing o-rings
  • Non needed bolt material removed (Less breach rub and drag) Our classic Poppet bolt mod
  • 2 piece design (shell and insert)
  • Future Pooty insert upgradability