Spring Modded Macdev Driod Pooty Flat Face Bolt and Spring

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Only Black color is left in stock.

This is the new Macdev Pooty Driod bolt. Its the only flat face bolt for the Macdev driod guns. Its also ready for the Pooty spring.

It will keep your ball stack nice and straight, Eye readings perfect and no more smacking of the ball. But a push.

You will see less paint chops, no clipping, and the ability to shoot very brittle paint.

"Your Valve must be modded to use the Pooty spring. We do stock a complete Spring modded Droid kit"

"This bolt will work with or without the spring"


  • Pooty Flat Face spring modded venturi bolt
  • Custom Pink anodizing
  • All o-rings


  • Better consistancy
  • Faster eye readings
  • No ball clipping
  • Softer on paint
  • Venturi face porting