Spring Modded Macdev Clone GT / GTi Pooty Flat Face Bolt and Spring

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Only Black color is left in stock.

To use the spring in the GT marker you must have all three parts. A spring modded bolt, modded valve or GTi valve and a spring. We can mod your non GTi valve to use the spring. (on our site)

This item is for the Pooty Flat face spring modded bolt and spring only.  Not the valve

This item is a good option if you have a GTi, GTi valve alone or if you have a spring modded GT valve already

Bolt weight .63 ounces / 17.9 grams


Link to the demo video and a dwell drop instructional (A MUST WATCH) = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sla7W32v69w&feature=youtu.be



  • Pooty Flat Face Spring modded GT / GTi bolt
  • Custom Pooty spring



  • Lower dwell settings
  • Better efficiency
  • Higher Feet Per Second
  • No first shot drop off
  • More consistent feet per second with lower settings
  • Better in cold weather


Pooty Bolt Features

  • Venturi Bolt face design
  • Polished anodizing (inside and out)
  • Inner bore enlarged for better o-ring fitment
  • Spring modded