Russian Legion Shocker NXT - Factory silver and black

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We will look at trades. But we will need to sell your gun. So don't expect retail for your trade. Credit cards take 3% and our time to sell your gun. Email with a picture of what you have and what you want for it. We will not tell you what we can pay. So send us a deal we cant pass up. You would send in your gun, we will test it and check the condition. Then ship out your RL once your stuff has been looked over. You can paypal the difference then if there is one.


We bought this Stock RL shocker for a wall gun. It needed come care. So we restored it to its Factory fresh condition and make changes to the parts that must be made to actually use the gun. This is a used gun. Some part are new. Gun is in amazing condition. The rarest part on the RL guns are the feedneck lever (steel bar lever). This gun has it! The only part that is not RL is the bolt guide. These do pop up on ebay from time to time. Besides that, its full RL stock besides the ASA that needs to be replaced on the NXT guns. This gun is field ready or wall ready. Nothing to tune or adjust.  Every oring has also been replaced on the gun. The frame is the rare 1 piece version. These came out for the lower number guns. The snatch grip is built into the frame. Not separate on most of them. Below is the info on rare classic. This is a fully restored classic with new parts. We have over $1500 in this gun.

Gun was fully taken apart. Fully de-greased like we do for anodizing.

New Barrel jewels

New Smart Parts Pro touch grips

New feedneck knob (better larger version)

New Smart Parts Blackheart LED adjustable main board with paperwork

New Dye Airport ASA (best working and looking ASA for the RL)

New Eyes

Regulator adjuster was custom metal finished and anodized black to make it look like new

Spring modded and anodized polished stock HE bolt with Rhino spring

Bolt sleeve modded for less fsdo

New smart parts NXT psi gauge