Pooty's Magical Paintball Lube V3 - 1 OZ

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The new V3 lube is going purple. It now has a purple color to the lube, a clear purple container and a new smell. Its a dow33-light based lube with some extra custom additives.

The factory lube that comes with your gun is most likely dow33.

This lube wont swell your o-rings and it goes on thin and slick. It will stay also stay on your parts and wont cause any bolt stick like most think lubes will. 

Works great for all o-ring applications. Use it on regulators, spool valve bolt systems, poppet rams, non moving o-rings.

A great all in one lube that you should be using on every single o-ring your paintball gun has.

Dow33 lube is a bearing and o-ring lube. It works great for tons of applications. Paintball and non paintball.

  • 1 oz (goes a long way)
  • Very Thin
  • Long Lasting
  • Helps remedy First Shot Drop-Off / Bolt Stick in spool valve guns
  • Premium clear purple jars
  • Stays on your parts and o-rings
  • Works very well in extreme cold and hot condition