Pooty Stage 7 Luxe Powercore For OLED 2.0 1.5 and 1.0 Luxes

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Each set will have its own custom anodizing to it. Your set will have different colored parts then what you see in this picture. If you want a picture of what we have in stock please email us - chris@pootypaintball.com

This complete powercore will work with all Luxe 1.0 1.5 2.0 and OLED versions. Not the Luxe ICE or X


Stage7 Details

No special o-rings needed. Works with factory and black o-rings

No special settings. Drop in ready that will work with any board and feather touch settings

20-30 fps gains over the stock 2.0 bolt system with our new low pressure can and bolt guide. This means a softer and quieter shot.

Dual spring modded with rhino light spring installed

Custom Stage7 anodizing.  This helps us to identify the parts and give you some color

Custom hand polished bolt anodizing for a well broken in shot and super smooth o-ring slide/contact and lower dwell settings from less o-ring drag.

What does all this mean?

This new bolt system will be ultra reliable, smoother shooting, quieter, uses less air from lower reg and dwell settings, uses the over a decade tested Rhino spring and also works with the factory spring. No more replacing your stock spring if it goes bad. The rhino spring NEVER goes down. We have never had to replace one..


Parts info:


  • Pooty Flat Face Bolt that has been spring modded in the rear for the rhino springs
  • Custom anodized stage7 edition
  • Hand polished anodizing for the smoothest shot. Polishing the bolts anodizing gets your bolt to a point that it is already well broken in and sliding super smooth on those o-rings. No more waiting to drop your settings down. You can tune your gun right away from day 1! Less drag also means lower dwell settings. This will save you air on each shot.
  • Uses factory o-rings


  • Factory 2.0 can that has been machined down for low pressure.
  • 1 bar removed for more air storage
  • Custom splash Poocasso anodized. Only available on the stage7 cans

Bolt guide-

  • Factory 2.0 bolt guide that has been machined for low pressure
  • Rear of bolt guide has been bored out for more air storage
  • Custom anodized stage7 edition
  • .       Rhino spring installed