Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel Kit 14 Inch with PWR .689 Insert / Aurora

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S63 Barrel back and tip in Aurora!
Includes one insert

Aurora finish is a multi-stage process. It is not anodizing but more of a platting put on the metal. Think of it as a colorful Chrome. Aurora finish will require special care, like chrome plated rims or a chrome car bumper. Your Aurora’s life span will depend on your care. Taking care of your Aurora finish is essential in maintaining its integrity. 

The Aurora finish has a multicolor rainbow effect, with a unique and incomparable finish. Expect to see blues and purples as the main coloring and aspects of other shades of colors. However, due to the process, the color outcome of your gun/parts will vary. We cannot guarantee certain color outcomes. You will see the Aurora finish color shift according to the light. Like chrome, the Aurora finish can chip with hard impacts. Consistent care is key! We have seen 35 year old Aurora coated parts still looking great.

The Aurora finish requires a multi-stage process and minor flaws are to be expected, such as markings from the racking process. We will do our best to rack parts on less visible areas. However, some parts require certain racking placement and this we cannot help. Your Aurora finish will never be as predictable or perfect as anodizing, but once you see the finish in is unreal!


The Planet Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel kit is the most advanced barrel system to date. Introducing the Eclipse PWR Inserts and 3-piece construction, the S63 Pro offers exceptional shot consistency and accuracy and combines it with aggressive styling, reduced sound signature, and class-leading flexibility and options.

S63 Pro Barrel. Exceptional shot consistency. More control. More precision. More options.

Customize your barrel system the way you want. The S63 Pro Barrel System construction comprises of 3 main elements: At the front is a precision engineered tip for exceptional accuracy, ported for a reduced sound signature and micro honed for the most consistent shot possible. Next, the 8.5" Eclipse PWR Bore Control Inserts, available in a range of color-coded bore sizes to accommodate varying paint sizes and qualities, help reduce breakages in the barrel and loading fractures with its heavily chamfered breech-end opening. Internally it is micro-honed and polished to the highest standard. Finally, to give the player ultimate control, the S63 Pro incorporates a tactile back section with a replaceable rubber sleeve which are available separately in 5 colors (back, white, tan, red and blue). Its PWR Insert viewing ports, and Autococker quick-threads make barrel insertion and removal, as well as PWR Insert swap outs, as quick and painless as possible.

This kit includes:


  • S63 Barrel back Autococker thread in black
  • S63 Barrel Pro Tip in black
  • .689" PWR insert in black
  • This barrel kit will fit all Eclipse markers and other Autococker barrel threaded markers



  • 3-Piece precision engineered aluminum construction
  • Compatible with all PWR Inserts
  • .689 PWR insert included
  • Available Eclipse PWR Insert sizes: 0.677", 0.681", 0.685", 0.689", 0.693"
  • Includes S63 Pro Tip
  • Ported for reduced sound signature
  • Micro honed and polished 8.5" Eclipse PWR Insert
  • Cocker quick-threads
  • Reverse thread back-to-tip
  • FL Barrel Sleeve Compatible
  • PWR Insert viewing ports
  • Precision PWR Insert engagement for perfect alignment
  • Aggressive aesthetic machining
  • Ultra lightweight


  • Aluminum/Rubber