DLX Luxe 2.0 v2 Bolt - Pooty Spring modded

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Works with OLED 2.0 1.5 and 1.0 luxes only


Dual spring Modded Luxe V2 2.0 Bolt

"Does not include the factory 2.0 spring in the picture" The picture is to show you that the spring will be taken out of the bolt. You should be using the rhino spring with this bolt.

This modded V2 2.0 bolt has an o-ring on the bolts tip to help prevent breach wear. It also has a custom polished anodized finish and is Pooty spring modded in the rear to except the Rhino or Pooty springs.

Only use one spring at a time with this bolt.  



  • Factory Spring Modded (spring works only with stock or modded 2.0 bolt guides)
  • Pooty spring modded (springs work only with modded bolt guides)
  • Custom polished anodized finish for the smoothest bolt cycle


  • Modded V2 2.0 bolt / with o-ring tip
  • Custom plastic bumper