Acculock Barrel Kit- Aurora finish with Blackout inserts / Cocker threaded

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The barrel tip and back have a couple of minor flaws in the finish. Very minor. We have discounted the price on this $40 for the small issues. The parts that have the issues can be seen in the picture. You will need to look very very close to see them. Normal cost is $340

This is a custom Acculock barrel kit in our Aurora finish. It also comes with a full blackout insert kit and case. In Cocker threading


Aurora finish is a multi-stage process. It is not anodizing but more of a platting put on the metal. Think of it as a colorful Chrome. Aurora finish will require special care, like chrome plated rims or a chrome car bumper. Your Aurora’s life span will depend on your care. Taking care of your Aurora finish is essential in maintaining its integrity. 

The Aurora finish has a multicolor rainbow effect, with a unique and incomparable finish. Expect to see blues and purples as the main coloring and aspects of other shades of colors. However, due to the process, the color outcome of your gun/parts will vary. We cannot guarantee certain color outcomes. You will see the Aurora finish color shift according to the light. Like chrome, the Aurora finish can chip with hard impacts. Consistent care is key! We have seen 35 year old Aurora coated parts still looking great.

The Aurora finish requires a multi-stage process and minor flaws are to be expected, such as markings from the racking process. We will do our best to rack parts on less visible areas. However, some parts require certain racking placement and this we cannot help. Your Aurora finish will never be as predictable or perfect as anodizing, but once you see the finish in is unreal!


The Acculock Barrel Kit was designed, tested and used by the world's top professional paintball team, San Diego Dynasty.  The AccuLock Barrel System was used by San Diego Dynasty as they captured the NXL World Cup Title and NXL Series Title in 2020, 2021 and 2022!


The "BORE ONLY" Kit comes with 6 black AccuLock Bores and the AccuLock Rigid Case.

When setting out to create our new barrel kit, we wanted to do something that was different and better than what was already out there.  After countless hours in the design room and a strenuous testing program that included an array of paintball formats and environments, we at Field One Paintball have developed a new barrel kit that we think is superior to other products on the market.

The revolutionary AccuLock Barrel Kit includes 6 control bores ranging in inner diameter (I.D.) from 0.675 to 0.695, so you can get the perfect fit for any paint.  The design, finish and overall quality of the AccuLock Barrel System combine to offer you unrivaled accuracy and dependability.
  • Our patented self-aligning feature ensures you will have the perfect fit between control bore and tip every time.
  • Traditional inserts are very fragile, so we designed our threaded control bores to be more durable.
  • Our control bores lock in place, with our new patent pending design, so there is nothing "floating" and inserts won't accidentally fall out.
  • The kit includes smaller ID control bores for fitting with higher quality paint to give you the best efficiency and consistency.
  • The kit also includes larger ID control bores to minimize ball breaks in the barrel by "over-boring" with lesser quality paint.
  • 14" overall length.
  • 6.75" control bores.
  • Available in AutoCocker Threads.
  • AccuLock Barrel Kits come protected in a semi-rigid zippered case that fits all components of the barrel kit while not in use.
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  • All AccuLock Barrels are backed by the "AccuLock Lifetime Insert Replacement Program".