#2 Stained Glass Cross 8x10

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These start at 12x12 sheets of aluminum. We cut them down to 8x10 and custom anodize each one by hand. Each piece will be its own 1-1 design. Signed and numbered by Pooty. Each collection will have a limited run of no more then 10 themes. The theme for this collection is the "Stained Glass Cross". This is number 2. No stencil or prints were used. All free hand. These are great to hang on the wall for a art collector or person who loves our custom anno work but doesn't play or own a paintball gun anymore. After each piece is sealed it is resin coated to give it a Ultra gloss finish.

This piece has a Stained Glass cross with a Rainbow Poocasso hill it sits on. Surrounded by a Teal glow. The background is black with light gold color explosions.