Aurora / Black Aurora Coating Info

The below is INFORMATION to AURORA / Black Aurora your parts. If you are looking for a new gun quote, please email with what you are looking for.

Aurora will be the bright rainbow look

Black Aurora (also known as Oil Slick) will have a dark blackish look with color changes around milling areas mostly.


Pricing is the same for Aurora and Black Aurora. You will have the same Minimum change for either finish. 


How this works -

Look at the pricing below. It goes over most most paintball gun parts. Make sure the turn around time we have is ok with you. If all looks good, email with what you have. Are we or you taking it apart? Once we double check your part count we will email back our paypal and address for your parts. Ship in your parts. Please be patient and only contact us for a update after our turn around time is up. We simply wont have any info for you until your project is done. There is no process updates. Once your project is done, we will post pictures (maybe a video) on our IG or facebook account with your first name in the post. And ship it back to you the next day Priority mail with no signature unless you request a signature.



Each Part is priced alone. If your regulator comes apart in 2 parts, It’s 2 parts. Every part must be racked alone and not attached to anything else.

Aurora will need a gloss finish to start with. The below pricing includes polishing of your parts. If your parts have damage now, you will still have damage to them after Aurora. Polishing of your parts is done to remove your dust finish or clean up your gloss finish. In most cases small marks and damage will go away from polishing. But polishing can only do so much. Sanding down of the metal before polishing will need to be done to the metal at a extra cost if you request us to fix that damage.


We have a $250 minimum for any work. Aurora and black Aurora has the same minimum.

  • Barrel Backs (freak back as an example) $90
  • Barrel Tips / 14 inch (freak tip as an example) $100
  • Barrel Tips / 16 inch (freak tip as an example) $110
  • One Piece 14 inch barrel $160
  • Body / Spool Valve (Eclipse CS3 body as an example) $250
  • Luxe Body $320
  • Body / Poppet and cockers (LV2 as an example) $300
  • Trigger frame (Eclipse CS3 as an example) $250
  • Small parts (like triggers, feednecks, levers, reg parts, ASA’s, and small stuff under 3 inches)   $45 per part

 If you have parts that are not like the above, email with a picture of what you have.



Aluminum for now. Steel we are working on. We can work with anodized parts and raw parts. If your parts are powder coated, painted or coated with anything besides anodizing we may not be able to strip that off.



Estimated turnaround time will be based on workload. A clearer estimated time can be provided once you notify us that you are ready to ship your gun/parts to us. Update on your project cannot be provided until your turnaround time nears. There is NO RUSH work as we would like to provide you with the best possible outcome. Average turn around time is 4-6 weeks. But give yourself more time if things run longer.


If you will be taking your gun apart, we will need:

  • All internal parts removed from your gun/parts; Screws, o-rings, plastics, anything! 
  • One picture of all your parts fully stripped down and not attached to any other part. 
  • Trigger bearings are the only parts you may leave alone if you cannot punch them out. 
  • Damage to magnets is to be expected due to the multi-stage process. We can silicone over magnets or just pull them out if they can be. Magnets can be replaced if they are missing or damaged after the finishing process is complete.


If you need us to take your gun apart

  • Email over what gun you have or a picture. Some guns are cheaper to take apart then others. We don't take apart some guns.


Return shipping

If you are in the USA, priority mail return is free for guns. Small parts will ship first class mail. If you are out of the USA, we will send you return shipping options and cost. You can pay this once it is boxed up and ready to be shipped back. We will then provide you with tracking information via email and your gun/parts will be shipped out the following day. We don't ship with a signature required. If you need one, you will need to request this.



Aurora finish is a multi-stage process. It is not anodizing but more of a platting put on the metal. Think of it as a colorful Chrome. Aurora finish will require special care, like chrome plated rims or a chrome car bumper. Your Aurora’s life span will depend on your care. Taking care of your Aurora finish is essential in maintaining its integrity. 

The Aurora finish has a multicolor rainbow effect, with a unique and incomparable finish. Expect to see blues and purples as the main coloring and aspects of other shades of colors. However, due to the process, the color outcome of your gun/parts will vary. We cannot guarantee certain color outcomes. You will see the Aurora finish color shift according to the light. Like chrome, the Aurora finish can chip with hard impacts. Consistent care is key! We have seen 35 year old Aurora coated parts still looking great.

We have yet to see threading or fitment issues. Attention is paid during each step of the process, making sure that your gun/parts will work as they should. 

The Aurora finish requires a multi-stage process and minor flaws are to be expected, such as markings from the racking process. We will do our best to rack parts on less visible areas. However, some parts require certain racking placement and this we cannot help. Your Aurora finish will never be as predictable or perfect as anodizing, but once you see the finish in is unreal!