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Pooty Projects / News /Backorders



- We are very very close to opening up our own in house anno shop! Working every day to get the anno shop ready to take on your anodizing needs and ideas. This is going to be BIG

- SL Barrel Systems pre-orders are shipping out on monday. We are already on pre-order for cocker SL barrels. We have a couple Luxe threaded left. So pre-order your set today and you will get it shipped out as soon as the next run has been made. Carbon fiber tips take a while to make.

- New Ninja SL Tanks and V2 Regs are shipping this week! We will be using these with all our guns.


- Pooty's Magical lube has just had a makeover and a new larger 2 oz size option


New 2oz size


Custom Pooty Guns in the works / In stock

- Working on a Gloss Pooty OLED luxe, Empire Axe and a Twister LV1 !  Pictures to come as soon as we are done with anno. They will have some very special and new anodizing..

- The Pooty Aurora 1 (Serial number - Pooty A1) is ready for a new home! Up on the site later today.. Unreal looking in person. 1-1 Stage6 core as well. Lots of custom in this luxe.


- Custom Whiteout Edition Twister LV1 in stock!


Just In 

- All Luxe powercores and Pooty bolts, and Pooty triggers

- Vanquish Pooty bolts and bolt kits 

- Gt/Gti Pooty bolts and bolt kits

- Shocker triggers and snatch grips in brand new colors

- OLED Luxe Silver Jewels with and without Crystal mod

- Custom anodized luxe back caps


On Pre-Order / Backorder

- Luxe Barrel tips

- SL Cocker Barrels


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