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News and New Items

- Cyborg 6 Bolt mod just posted on the site

- Luxe single finger triggers are in anno this week

- New Pooty V2 LV1 and older Ego bolts are in the works

- The anno shop is open. We will be making a new section on the site soon and filming a new video that goes over it

- New 77 CI Ninja colored tanks are in stock. All have the new V2 regs on them

- Luxe single finger triggers are done coming out of anno now. More colors will be added every day

Demo Video -

- Poocasso Luxe Accent kits sold out fast. The next batch is in the works now.

Keep yours eyes posted on our facebook page for updates and pics as soon as they are done

Custom Pooty Guns in the works / In stock

- Pure and Blue Macdev Cyborg 6 guns in stock. Or have one custom anodized in your colors! Comes with a Pooty modded stock bolt also


- The infamous Phoenix Survivor Luxe package is ready for a new home and is on the site


- Poocasso Pooty OLED luxes are back in stock


New Videos

Luxe Single Finger triggers -


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